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Décembre 2019
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SFAX, is a coastal city of Berber origin called SYPHAX (strengthened place) or a Roman city named TAPARURA, as agreed upon by certain historians.
The walls of the city of Sfax, built in raw bricks in the beginning then in rough-stones and cut stones, gave to the Medina a special character. These majestic and massive ramparts constitutes a perimeter of 2 000 meters.  

These ramparts also constitute one of the most beautiful defense monuments of the Arab-Moslem world. 

In the beginning, only the Door of Bab Diwan (sea side) and that of Bab Jebli (Fields side) made it possible to have access to the Medina. Later, other doors were opened up in order to make it easier to communicate with the new quarters.

The other significant monument of the city, built at the same time as the ramparts, is the Big Mosque.  Occupying a rectangular space in the heart of the Medina, this high place of worship is also the beating heart of the city.  Its minaret, recalling that of the mosque of Okba in Kairouan, is made of three superimposed towers which each stage is bordered of a decorative crenellation. 

The public life is organized all around this religious edifice: craftsmen and tradesmen are settled in streets which still bear the names of their corporations:  Souks of the blacksmiths, the dyers, the jewelers, the butchers, spices, the fabrics, etc...

The town of Sfax enjoys the privilege of having three museums. Situated in the hall of the town hotel, the Archaeological Museum gathers the remains of the brilliant ancient civilization that the area had known.  The second museum, known under the name of Dar Jallouli, house of the Master of the 17th century, gives glimpses of the traditional culture of the city and its surroundings.  The third museum occupies the Kasbah.  It presents in a didactic way a complete panorama of the traditional architecture of the region. 

The governorate of Sfax, created in 1956, is one of the 24 governorates of Tunisia.  It is located in the south East of the country and covers a surface of 7545 km² representing 4.6% of the surface of the country. It shelters a population of about 892 000 inhabitants in 2007 positioning it in the second rank after the governorate of Tunis.

Young people and sport

  1. 23 youth clubs ;
  2. 11 sport rooms ;
  3. 10 turfed sport grounds ;
  4. 1 football training center of young people;
  5. 3 football stadiums:  TAÏEB MEHIRI stadium (14000 spectators), 2 Mars Stadium, AMEUR GARGOURI Stadium;
  6. 10 turfed stadiums.


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