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Décembre 2019
Bulletin Décembre 2019





The port of Sfax : is a major asset for the Tunisian and regional economy.  Its commercial port is one of oldest in the country and the second in rank in Tunisia.  It is created in about 1905. 

The quantity of the products exported in 2006 is estimated 2290102 tons whereas the imports are estimated 2282645 tons. These exported products come primarily from the center and the south of the country:  sea salt, olive oil, treated phosphates and other various products.

Port of Skhira : Approximately 400 thousand tons of imported goods and 4 million tons are exported (primarily chemicals).  The port of Skhira is primarily devoted to the petroleum and chemical products.

The international airport of Sfax-Thyna : The air traffic through the airport of Sfax-Thyna allows the transport of more than 200 000 travelers per year.  Its capacity of reception is of 500 thousand travelers.  The total number of planes treated in 2006 by the supervising authorities is 5 431 Planes, the number of travelers is equal to 70405 passengers.  The airport is equipped with 2 parking stations for the planes covering a surface of 12350m².

The road network of the area of Sfax : It is approximately 400 km of national ways, 375 are regional and 394 are local.  The major roads start from the heart of the city in all directions.

The railroad network : They are several departures of Sfax towards Tunis and the South each day for the transport of passengers and the carriage of many goods.  The number of travelers increases to 460 millions per year, the amount of the transported goods estimated is 4500 million tons per year.

Telecommunications : The high performance telephone network of the Governorate de Sfax, benefits in particular from an integral GSM coverage by 2 suppliers.  There are 640 thousand subscriptions to the mobile telephone network and 142080 to the fixed telephone network.  The governorate of Sfax comprises 8 public Internet centers (cyber-Net), 826 public telecommunication centers.  The telephone density is equal to 17 telephone lines for 100 inhabitants.

Sfax International Fair : A huge exhibition center which shelters approximately 12 events per year.  Its total surface is of 35000m², of which 15000m² are covered and divided into 4 halls and 20000m² in the outside, equipped to receive fairs and international exhibitions.

Culture :

  • Public Libraries : 26
  • Cultural Complex : 1
  • Cultural Centers : 11
  • Drive-in Theatre : 2
  • Museums : 3
Health :

  • 2 Teaching hospitals
  • 3 regional Hospitals
  • 3 local Hospitals
  • 2 intermediate Centers
  • 142 Centers of basic health
  • 10 private polyclinics
  • 12 hemodialysis private hospitals
  • 750 private medical cabinets
  • 1 doctor/1850 inhabitants (public Sector)
  • 1 doctor/1584 families (public Sector). 

Future projects of the area

Agriculture and fishing

  1. The creation and adjustment of 7 irrigated areas around deep wells, of a surface of 360 hectares ;
  2. Creation of an irrigated area by treated waters in Sidi Mansour of 300 hectares ;
  3. Construction of a port in Sidi Youssef (Kerkennah island) ; 
  4. Widening of the market of sea products in the fishing port ;


  1. Creation of an industrial park in Agareb covering 10 hectares ;
  2. Creation of an industrial park in Ghraiba covering 10 hectares ;
  3. Creation of an industrial park in Mahres covering 10 hectares ;
  4. Adjustment of the industrial park in Djebeniana.


  1. Creation of an environmental tourist zone in Sidi Fankhal (Kerkennah Island) covering 72 hectares and with a capacity of lodging of 3000 beds

The infrastructure

  1. Construction of highways relating SfaxGabes, 152 km ;
  2. Construction of a bridge in Echoba wadi ;
  3. Construction of a bridge (3.7 km) in wadi Ezzit road Sidi Mansour ;
  4. Lengthening of footbridge (13 km), road Sidi Mansour km 11 ;
  5. Doubling of the national highway 1 Thyna – Mahres (22 km) ;
  6. Lengthening of the national highway 1 Mahres – Gabes (62 km) ;
  7. Lengthening of the national highway 1 Doukhan – Sfax (19 km);
  8. Lengthening of the national highway 1 at the level of bends  km 4;
  9. Lengthening of the national highway 1 Doukhan – Mahdia;
  10. Authorization of the commercial port of Sfax and construction of the port of Sidi Youssef (Kerkennah Island); 
  11. To purchase a new ferry for Kerkennah island.

Public equipments

  1. Construction of buildings for:  the Higher Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication “ISET” and for the Higher Institute of Industrial Management “ISGI” in the technological pole in Sakiet Ezzit; 
  2. Construction of a university canteen in the technological pole;
  3. Technological pole of data processing and multi-media: construction and equipment of the research center in data processing and multi-media, and the center of technological resources and alternation workshops of small and medium-sized enterprises, and the 2nd section of the enterprise zone
  4. Creation of an enterprise zone specialized in biotechnology in the national center of biotechnology ;
  5. Creation of three secondary high schools in Gremda, Chaabouni Wadi and Kerkennah ;
  6. Creation of 3 youth clubs in Kerkennah, Agareb and Skhira ; 
  7. Creation of a center of data processing for children in Kerkennah ;
  8. Construction of a cultural center in Sakiet Ezzit ;
  9. Creation of 2 public libraries in Sfax and Sakiet Ezzit ;
  10. Creation of a center of professional training for people with disabilities.

Environment, Sanitation and the protection of the delegations against floods

  1. Completing the project TAPARURA for the enhancement and the improvement of the littoral coast of the city of Sfax ;
  2. Sewage of 10 cities and prolongation of the sewer networks of 12 cities ;
  3. Protection of the delegations of Mahres, Sfax and Kerkennah against the floods ;
  4. Studies about the possibilities of the protection of the littoral coast against pollution.

Other projects

  1. Development of 11 cities in the municipal areas ;
  2. Realization of the presidential project for the promotion of the residences Sidi Mansour and Syphax ;
  3. Development of the wholesale market.


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